Lalana Dara is a voice actor
and podcast personality. Her voice
can be heard in various podcasts,
Twitch streams, and audiodramas.

English (US) – Neutral accent
Professional Personal Studio
Bilingual Thai-speaking

Services: Video Games, Animation, Audiobooks
Commercials, eLearning Narration




Audiobook Narration

Fantasy – Mother/Child Dialogue
Science Fiction

About Lalana

Lalana Dara is Thai American, first generation, born in upstate New York, a gamer girl, a foodie, and a frequent flyer.

She has enjoyed a dynamic career history across multiple industries, including 20+ years in life sciences and information technology before directing her energy and enthusiasm to content creation and the entertainment industry.


Blue baby bottle SL
Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface
Audacity, Reaper
Professional Personal Studio